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Getting to know Sigrid..iRL.

A look on who's behind the [peculiar] owner of Sigrid...

Unlike other blog support sites, this one doesn't provide "About Me" link. So i took the liberty of stopping being such a phantom of the opera, I am turning the identity of the Sigrid Controller"s" into an article.

While many thinks Sigrid is Male, I would like to clarify that Sigrid has two beings.

I am Joan (going under the pseudonym of Lady ‘K), a 19-year-old impudent blogger of Diaryo el Familia Sigrid. Initially the owner of Sigrid account, I asked my bestfriend Kienz to play it during evenings and early mornings and eventually made Sigrid known as a Bloodlusting family in PVP. O_o”

I only play the account during morning or until Kienz’s shift is up. But unfortunately, it is life that soon after you graduate, one eventually needs to work. (And here I am updating my blog while at work! *LOL!*)

I’m a graduate of Journalism currently residing in Manila, Philippines, while Kienz is in Pangasinan (still part of the Philippines) who still gets to enjoy allowances and play GE anytime. *sob*

Sigrid’s name had no origin, except that I thought it was a very nice name. Even before the game was launched, I tried to kill anybody who would try and use that name. LOL! XD

I love the irony o f life, I write when in the mood, I like some stuffed burritos right now, and all I want is to discover my limitless capabilities. =)

"The Vision Still Exists."
-Lady 'K


Coming Soon: Relapse (A GE FFA entry)

Just when you think everybody has been lining their entries for Granado Espada's Fantazzztic Film Festival, look again... =)

Kindeesig-COVENANT Production Presents:

A Granado Espada Film Festival Entry


"In a time when power and territory was significant, two people are sworn into rival for aspiring glory, immortality and for the heart of their one love. But in a tragic event, they lose themselves... and when love comes in between them, their second life is only a matter of satisfying their raging hearts and give them purpose of existence they have truly been longing for..."

Relapse is a tragic story of fate, a memory reborn, and a love worth dying for...

Cast Screenshots:

Submission Entry:

(Indefinite - Still on Production. >_<")



Celebrating Halloween... Granado Espada Style!

Last October 26, Granado Espada has launched their Halloween patch containing the in-game event “Tiburon’s Scarecrows” where in players can win a once-in-a-year exclusive headgear, the Pumpkin Hat. All the task requires is to talk to the Halloween event NPC Tiburon at the Port of Coimbra and he’ll ask you to look for 20 scarecrows scattered all over the GE map!

At first, the task may seem to be a real pain (‘coz you really had to search every dungeon floor, map corners and not to mention go into high level places with monsters!) but I find the expedition worth the cool prizes. At the first day of the event alone, most of the online players were already searching for the locations of those Halloween scarecrows (Talk about going Trick or Tricking!) and the floating text or microphones had an inflation as everyone was asking what the locations were. Good thing our fellow GE players shared the locations they know and posted the accurate sites where they could be found and thus, complete all 20 hiding scarecrows.

For those who still doesn’t have the Pumpkin Hats (which turned the city into a fusion of what seemed to be V for Vendetta, Thriller by Michael Jackson, and the rise of the Pumpkin Zombies) you still have until the 8th of November until the in-game event stops.:) Visit the GE forum here for more information about the event.

The thread about the locations of the scarecrows seems to be down so I’ll just post it here. (Trust me, these are the locations I went to. >_<”)

Location & Coordinates:

  1. Jezebel Glen E4
  2. Porto Bello Deserted Quay G9
  3. Porto Bello Deck K7
  4. Porto Bello Cliff J2
  5. Thueringenwald H2
  6. Pradera de Ceniza G6
  7. Rion de Prairie E10
  8. Vegas Javier I10
  9. Crater of Joaquin H6
  10. Old Port of Coimbra D4
  11. Tetra Catacomb G5
  12. Tetra Ruins D8
  13. Reboldeaux Stonepit J4
  14. Ferrucio Junction F6
  15. Bonavista River F4
  16. King’s Garden G5
  17. Al Quelt Moreza G9
  18. Al Qulet Parsonage G8
  19. Cathari Falls G9
  20. El Lago Celeste G5

Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be followed in order. What’s important is that you find all 20 scarecrows to get these prizes:

5 Scarecrows = 10 Chocolates

10 Scarecrows = 5 Level 64 Enchantment Chips

15 Scarecrows = 5 Diamond Coupons

20 Scarecrows = 3 Pumpkin Hats

It wouldn't really hurt if you'd go take advantage of the in-game events. It's a really a good way of winning for your family not only items (in-game or real life) but it's plus points to your family's reputation as well. :) I hope Granada Espada continues to cook up more events for players to participate in. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Jack Frost costume in December (If there's any~). LOL!

I also made some comic screen shots in-line with the Halloween event: XD

Because they didn't know Tiburon gives Pumpkin hats away:

When they thought it could scare monsters away:

Wearing Pumpkin Hats anywhere isn't always a good idea:

With new headgears comes NEW MONSTERS!
And when you're mistaken for one...

...you get Muay thai-ed. Ouch. That's Gotta Hurt. >_<"

Other quest bloopers:


A know-how on the Great Hill Giant

...Learn from a faction who's taken down a GREAT HILL GIANT.
(Granado Espada's 'INCREDIBLE HULK')

By Kincaid (Covenant Faction Leader)

Faction quests in Granado Espada, are a test of these leadership qualities, and it is an experience that is as rewarding for the members as much as for the leader.

Faction Quest 51 is basically divided into two quests: the Great Hill Giant and the Chrysalis, respectively. Completing both quests will earn the Faction Leader an inherent glow, the Leader's Brilliance; it also allows the faction to have its own customized logo, and the option to appoint a second deputy leader. Sir Lyndon or Pioneering Officer Chrystelle, will give you the quest for upgrading the Faction.

The first part is to defeat the Great Hill Giant. He can be summoned by pouring the Honeywater on the large stones at E5 Vegas Javier. (Don't worry, you'll never run out of Honeywater; You can always summon the Great Hill Giant until you've finally beaten him.)


Name: Great Hill Giant
Level: 90
HP: 2,313,402
Attack: 11,144
Defense: 121
Resistance: 30 All

Skills: Earthquake

The biggest problem in dealing with GHG is tanking it. If the tank dies, it changes target and you'll run out of precious time to defeat him. You only have around 30minutes to kill him, and you can't waste time running around trying to avoid his attacks and revive everyone that died. A Fighter with Provoke and High Guard is very useful for this, since they can block attacks and can probably survive his skill.

Once you've finally found a good tank to deal with him, you can use normal attacks to deal damage, so he doesn't change targets. Should you want to use a skill, use it when he can’t 'see' you (ie. target him from the back). Elemental ground spells are useful (such as blizzard and tornado holding) but you also run the risk of getting too close just to cast the spell. With a good tank, and enough firepower, GHG should be a fun and rewarding guild activity. Its only drop is the crystal stone of hill giant used as proof for Sir Lyndon that the faction has indeed taken down the oversized monster.

On the experience…

We have been practicing some tanking with it, but we always die a lot. We've finally brought down the GHG on the third try, together with our allied factions. We were supposed to get it done on the second try, but unfortunately, there was a mass disconnection from users in the Philippines and Malaysia, so we ran out of firepower during the last 10 minutes.

We couldn't have made it without participative members or helpful allies. (Bluntly, those who will join in the quest should at least be level 80+ to survive at least a hit. But if low level characters do wanna join, they could be healers or 'resuiers'. ~_~") And as a faction leader, I've learned that dying is a big part of the game, and its not as bad as you think it is. It only makes you humble enough to make you realize that sometimes, you're never good enough taking everything on your own.




Sigrid's 2nd Granado Espada Fanfiction

The next RNPC I'm going to make...

and the next one to have a story.

"He who holds the power to create life can also take it away.
Summons a dead soul and bring good or evil intent."


When Worlds Collide: Part II

When Worlds Collide: Part II
A Granado Espada Fanfiction

Part II: A Life Worth Dying For

As three months passed from continues sailing from Vespanola to the New World, the ship of the new Queen approaches the Town of Coimbra

From afar, they can see the smoke and remains of what seems to be an intense battle that just took place. Queen Diazame wanted to disembark and see what has happened, but she was heeded by his royal advisor that they might be caught in between the fight if a battle is going on... Yet Diazame felt she needed to be there, that she had to be there!

The ship anchors in the Port of Coimbra, the city of fishermen and the sun. Yet no matter how good the place must have been, it was not spared by the war as the small city has become a lifeless ruin…

As Diazame and her troops rummage through the deserted town, she was astounded to see the outcome of the battle… She had only seen one dead body, and that was her mother’s. But the late Queen Elizabeth only looked as if she was sleeping, softly slumbering in her royal coffin.

But this… this lake of dead cadavers was a chilling and frightening feeling that despite many of the corpse was of their enemy, it made her realize how fragile life is, and from the eyes of the slain, this is not what they wanted. But they had to fight for their country’s sake.

They walked further, trying to find any sign of life, any s

urvivors, a soldier, a townsmen, anyone! The Queen was getting desperate yet she realized that they had other duties to fulfill. She was going to ask her troops to board the ship already when one of his soldiers shouted. “Someone’s alive in here! Your Majesty come quick!”

Diazame felt the surge of her blood as she raced to the survivor. The soldier was just looking at the man lying, semi-conscious and was bleeding to death. “What are you doing?!" She souted. "Help him up!”

“But your majesty… he’s… he’s-!”

“He’s a what?!”

She took the man himself and realized why the soldier didn’t want to help him. Covered in blood and dirt, it was highly distinguishable that this man was of high ranking, more like a captain for Brestian’s Army.

“Your Highness!” Diazame’s Royal advisor detested. “This man is our enemy! He has lead the battle to fight our people and you’re going to help him?!”

“Treat him!” She blurted. “He may be an enemy, but I have seen enough bloodshed. We embarked on this journey to stop the war, not tolerate it! He may be an enemy, but he is still human in need of help.”

“But My Queen! What if he attacks us after we treated him?!”

“Only a man who has no breeding would bite his rescuer’s hand. He seems to be a noble man.”

“Excuse my persuasiveness your Highness, but even if he is well-mannered, you cannot remove the fact that he was trained to become a soldier, a cold-hearted murderer to carry on his task and live for his country’s sake!”

“You said it yourself Gastor, ‘to live for his country’. He wants to live and look at him! He looks as if he’s barely making it. But, fine… if it would make you sleep well tonight, have him guarded well, but I want our guest to be treated properly. I will check on his condition in his barracks.”

“Alas, As her Majesty wishes...” Gastor sighed.

As they carry the wounded captain back to the ship, Diazame ponders at the name of the mysterious young man who struggles to live amidst the lost fight…

(To be continued...)


Free-for-all-topic: "If Andre had a rival..."

...How would that NPC be?

Describe his/her personality, image, skills and of course... services! ^o^

(OMG the world has gone mad! >_<")

My idea:
*WARNING!* Parental Guidance is adviced. LOL.

If Andre Jazur, the ever fantasiiiziing homosexual, (nothing wrong about that) would have an alter RNPC rival, I think it should be a gay girl,
someone who looks like Idge Imbrulia or Lorch Furuholmen except with the girly face and all... :-O (Honestly I thought Idge was a guy. She actually did a good job making me think she was just a 'pretty boy' and all! >_<)

And so...




'Andrea': "Yeah so what if i'm an edited version of Idge and Item Mall NPC? :p"

Andre: "Hmpf!~ You cannot zimply make a nem for yur zelf! You are not as magnifezeeeeent as Andre Jazur!"


Since Andre is equiped with a rapier, the rival version would be another melee using pistols, rifles or most preferably, 'big guns'. (CANONS) :p But wouldn't it seem like having another Lorch in the party... hmmm~ The idea here is making the NPC boyish anyway...

As for the services... (here we go!) What do you think if Granado Espada had it's own barber shop---like?! >_< 'Andrea' the boyish NPC would have hair styles and hair color change services. Talk about having a Salon somewhere in the City of Auch! But if that's her services, then i might as well said she fights using a big scissor and changes the enemy into fluffy and kawaii monsters then you'd say "i-can't-kill-it-it's-so-cuteee!" *ROTFL* But hey, despite that, i don't think Andre would simply be out of business just like that! Who knows... she bring may bring out the "MACHO GUY" in Andre and end up being together. woot!~^o^

[~If i get a lot of DECENT ideas out of your suggestions, I might make another RNPC suggestion so share your thoughts now!

When Worlds Collide (The Lost Princess Story) Part I

When Worlds Collide
A Granado Espada Fanfiction

Part 1: How it all started...

In a small, abandoned hut deep within the forest of Ustiur, a diary was found by scholars who say it was owned by a person believed dead for 12 years… In the diary, it contains the person’s life’s tragedy, of overcoming the sadness, and the new found hope to survive…

12 years ago…

“Make way for the Queen and Princessess! Make way! Treat her Majesty! We cannot lose our Queen in this hazy crisis!”

With the sudden commotion, the townsmen of Vespanola are provoked at the sight of the royal family and its court as they enter the castle. They know they came all the way from Brestia of the New World to sign the Dos Mundos Treaty, hoping for the expansion of their state… but now that the Queen has fallen ill, their worst nightmare may have come to a conclusion. Brestia, led by Simon Ayande, has refused the alliance offered by their country and instead, declared war upon them.

And tragically, days later, the Royal Castle is now keeping from the world a secret that would devastate their country, and most likely lead to the Old World’s defeat. Her Highness, Queen Elizabeth has died from heart attack upon hearing Brestia’s declaration of war. In her long reign in her ancestor’s land, they have managed to live in peace and prosperity without spilling blood… But now with the people discovering new lands and hoping to gain it for their own, the Queen has breathed her last, leaving her two daughters, Princess Diazame and Princess Gabriella as the heir and leader to the Old World.

And so, the royal court critically deliberates at their preparations for the battle, and most importantly, the coronation of their new Queen. Between the twins Princess Diazame and Gabrielle. The late Queen would have chosen Diazame to heir the throne because she is known to be brave and intelligent, and has learned the ways of her country well. The royal court were confident that Diazame can be their new ruler, except for a little problem about her rash decision-making. It can’t be helped since she is still a kid at heart, but her responsibility is grave, and so they are willing to support their majesty. As for Gabriella, she was still devasted at the sudden loss of her mother, and so it was for certain, Diazame has realized she cannot show much melancholic emotion specially in their present situation.

As months passed, the people of Vespanola are alarmed at the news from other allied countries that they are being invaded by the Brestian Army. With no other choice, they dispatch their finest troops called the Red Navy to aid in the battle.

As the Vespanolan people become restless of the turning events, Queen Diazame wanted to assure them of victory.

Then she made a reckless move.

Her majesty has left with an army, hoping to stop the battle by discuss it over with Simon Ayande.

…Even if it meant handing herself over to the enemy.

(To be continued...)

Featured Family: Sigrid of Caracci Server (Suprised?! >_<")

*LOL* I'm not that egocentric but since i just started my page, there's no one for me to feature yet but my own family of course! ^o^

I think it's just proper you know something about me... (Sigrid i may say!) I thought of this name a long time ago, and i thought it was just really suited for a game set in the 17th century... with all the classic impressiona and all... =D

I have 4 line-ups to be exact, but i'm concentrating on my first 3 characters, Arcania (fighter), Cyprus (Scout) and Althea (Elementalist). Level you say...? Hmmm... well, just guess it with the equips i'm wearing! :p (Actually, the next level of outfits is what I can wear now already ^^") thanks my to my bestfriend (and co-account owner) Kienz. ^^v

You'll often see Sigrid loitering aroung channel 3 of Caracci Server, loyal [and Muse] to my first and only faction Covenant, (formerly known as Escudo PH) lead by Kincaid. (Now recruiting! English-speaking players, level 55!) *LOL*

I've played ever since GE beta days and i'm really happy with this game, i just think people who use third-party programs (bots to be exact) don't get the clever and convenient game design.

Anyway, that's about all i can say right now... (no i'm not rich in-game. LOL) So if you want to get featured in my page, just e-mail me with a short description about you and a screenie too (preferably with a pose) And i'll see what i can do about it 'ayt?!

I haven't been able to play for 5 days now... I miss my playing sob. ~_~"

Oh well, *scribble scribble* ^^v

Updates on The Lost Princess!

I made certain adjustments needed because I thought of a new skill thanks to Ultimate's 'Beast Master' idea. Final Granado Skills "Aiming shot" and "Scale shot" were moved to Aleda Etin, making it like this:

LVL 1] Lerente
– Raises accuracy but lowers defense for a certain duration (5 levels, each lvl raises accuracy let’s say for 2% for the price of -1 def?)
[LVL 4] Repelling shot – Drives enemies back in a certain cell range (Distance is longer depending on skill level, 5 levels)
[LVL 8] Curse shot– Enemies hit within 5 range will have the chance of being blind, stunned, poisoned and sleep. (Success rate raises depending on skill level, 5 levels)
[LVL 12] Aiming Shot - Aims at an enemy's critical part. (5 levels, starts with 1700% damage)
[LVL 16] Scale Shot - Rain of arrows at a certain spot, damages up to 8 enemies. (5 levels, starts at 600% damage.)

As for the Final Granado Stance, it has a new skill, basically the Beast Master thingy i mentioned earlier. Archer/Hunter types are well-known to have friendly beasts that aid them in battle anyway. ^^,"

[LVL 4] Create Envicto Stone:
Lvl 4: 100 Otite Piece + Wolf's Soul Amber
Lvl 6: 120 Otite Piece + Joaquin Bear's Soul Amber
Lvl 10: 180 Otite Piece + Mana Stone + Fallen Champion's Soul Amber
[LVL 8] Envicto Olympia – Summon a monster to aid in battle.

(5 levels, each level raises attack power of summon) Cool down: 2 minutes. Consumes 1 Envicto Stone depending on the soul amber used.)

Lvl 6: Summon a translucent Wolf for 10 sec. (Consumes 1 Friendly beast Envicto Stone)
Lvl 12: Summon a translucent Joaquin Bear for 11 sec.
(Consumes 1 Violent Beast Envicto Stone.)
Lvl 15: Summon a translucent Fallen Champion for 12 sec. (Consumes 1 Fallen Chapion's Envicto Stone)

Okay... I'm really not sure about the beasts (except for the all-original Fallen Champion) that could be summoned... ~_~" the wolf is okay, but a bear? *LOL!* Gimee some idea! There are no eagle enemies in GE so far! >_<

Anyway, right now i'm still busting my brains trying to work out the long version of the The Lost Princess, though I think i'll be changing the title... And by the way, I also changed the years the princess was supposedly lost, it's now only 12 years because she would be really old already... and i don't think if players knew that, they wouldn't be so attracted even though she's a sexy huntress... XD


I've thought of a new RNPC because our protagonists' journey. I have an idea about his skills, stance and story but I'm primarily sleeping and waking up, thinking of Alphonse and Diazame's fanfiction. (sleeeeppy~ -_-")

Clues: The new RNPC's job is an Anime title, a book written by my favorite author Paolo Coehlo, and the goal of this class has been known to be associated with King Maida's power. ^^v

Debut Post!

A Granado Espada Fanfiction
[Short Version]

[Author's Note: This story is the actual RNPC suggestion I sent to Granado Espada's GM Hrin. I'll further update the story and turn it into a fanfiction as requested. (hopefully with illustration! ...ulp! My drawing skills is rusty already! crap. >_<")

Along the story you'll encounter "???" which are things I'm still trying to think of. And the pictures or other necessary illustrations are not yet complete so I'll be updating this post from time to time so i'm open for any suggestions or comments, just message me at my YM. *scribble scribble* ^^v

Hope you like this! :)


Covenant Faction, Carracci Server


RNPC: Mysterious person, will be known as “Alphonse” during quest stage
Figure: Completely covered in a black hood (I’ll try to follow up the illustration of her in the Hood outfit and her outfit without the hood.)
Real name: Diazame, Princess of Vespanola
Location: Somewhere deep within the forest of Ustiur
Level Requirement: 80 (I’ll explain later on in the story why it’s needed to be this high to attain the RNPC)
RNPC Type: Archer / Hunter (range: 8cells)
Initial level: 60

Attributes: (I’m not good at putting attributes on characters… ~_~” maybe you can think of it! :D at least I hope it has fast attack power)

Stances: (I’m thinking these stances can be bought at a merchant NPC selling other stance books at the Master Room)

1) Arrow Alchemy: Imbues an element in the arrow. Costs 1 Elemental Orb for each use.

(Each element that will be imbued in the arrow has 5 levels, each level allows the duration of the skill last longer.)

[LVL 1] Blazing shot – Imbues Fire element in the arrows for a certain duration.
[LVL 4] Freezing gust – Imbues Ice element in the arrows for a certain duration.
[LVL 8] Lightning fury – Imbues Thunder element in the arrows for a certain duration.
[LVL 16] Psychic wound – Imbues psychic element in the arrows for a certain duration. (Stronger for neutral and Boss monsters)

2) Aleda Etin: (I just though of a unique name for the stance XD) A set of enemy delaying skills.

LVL 1] Lerente – Raises accuracy but lowers defense for a certain duration (5 levels, each lvl raises accuracy let’s say for 2% for the price of -1 def?)
[LVL 4] Repelling shot – Drives enemies back in a certain cell range (Distance is longer depending on skill level, 5 levels)
[LVL 8] Curse shot– Enemies hit within 5 range will have the chance of being blind, stunned, poisoned and sleep. (Success rate raises depending on skill level, 5 levels)
[LVL 12] Aiming Shot - Aims at an enemy's critical part. (5 levels, starts with 1700% damage)
[LVL 16] Scale Shot - Rain of arrows at a certain spot, damages up to 8 enemies. (5 levels, starts at 600% damage.)

3) Final Granado (A set of offensive skills, “final blow”)

[LVL 4] Create Envicto Stone:
Lvl 4: 100 Otite Piece + Wolf's Soul Amber
Lvl 6: 120 Otite Piece + Joaquin Bear's Soul Amber
Lvl 10: 180 Otite Piece + Mana Stone + Fallen Champion's Soul Amber

[LVL 8] Envicto Olympia – Summon a monster to aid in battle.
(5 levels, each level raises attack power of summon) Cool down: 2 minutes. Consumes 1 Envicto Stone depending on the soul amber used.)

Lvl 6: Summon a translucent Wolf for 10 sec. (Consumes 1 Friendly beast Envicto Stone)
Lvl 12: Summon a translucent Joaquin Bear for 11 sec. (Consumes 1 Violent Beast Envicto Stone.)
Lvl 15: Summon a translucent Fallen Champion for 12 sec. (Consumes 1 Fallen Chapion's Envicto Stone)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

And now for the story / quest =)

I know you’re probably wondering why I included the Fallen Champion as a very powerful summon. *LOL* It’s actually part of the interesting story of the mysterious RNPC…

On the Ship to ustiur, an NPC (named Messenger) can be talked to and asked if he’s okay.

Messenger: “Ugh... to say the least I am not, I have been from the old world to the new, trying to fulfill my mission for my client. But my last quest has wounded me and I am unable to finish my search. If you would be so kind to help me, I’d give you half the payment of my client.” (I’m thinking reward will also mean raising the family reputation)

(I’ll be using my Family as example for the conversation)

Sigrid Family: (Options will be:)

-I’m sorry, but I am on my own journey

-You seem to be persevere about that quest. Okay I’ll help.

If Family chooses “I’m sorry” option, the quest is cancelled.

If “You seem”, quest proceeds to next stage.

Messenger: “Oh thank you… what do you say your name is again?”

Sigrid Family Option: Say your Family name

Messenger: “Sigrid Family… I am in debt to you for this act of kindness. Well then, if you are going to help me, I have two more quest to do and that is to bring my client certain items he needs. The truth is I don’t know my client, personally that is… Oh! He asked me not to tell anyone about him… but since you’ve been kind enough, I will tell you more about him if you complete my request. I still need the rare 5 High quality wood and 5 Mana Stones which are drops from random monsters. Bring them back to me if you are done.”

If quest is done, go back to messenger

Messenger: “Oh my, Sigrid Family! You’ve done it! You are able to complete my search. Here’s 10,000 vis for your hard work.”

Receive payment.

Talk to Messenger again to proceed with quest.

Messenger: “Sigrid Family! You came at a right time! I have been doing some thinking and I cannot contain my curiosity anymore. I know I would seem to be a traitor to my mysterious client but I need you to go and search about his identity. Will you help me? I’ll reward you for your patience.”


-I’m sorry, this time I can’t.

-You’ve got me hooked into this. Okay I’ll help.

Messenger: “Oh thank you Sigrid Family! You are truly ready to lend a hand. Okay, I need you to take this coin to a scholar which I believe can be found at Cite de Reboldoeux. He can determine where this coin came from. It is very antique but costs a lot to the market today. This is the only way I can think of to discover the identity of my mystifying but affluent patron.”

The new quest then takes you to Cite de Reboldoeux. Find the scholar and talk to him.

Scholar: “What can I help you with now Sigrid Family?”

Option: Show coin and ask the maker of it”

Scholar: “…Sigrid Family! Where did you get this?”

Sigrid Family Option: “Someone asked me to show this to you so he would also know where it came from.”

Scholar: “This is… this is an archeological find! This coin is part of the new treasury for the previous short-lived Queen of Vespanola 12 years ago. Only a small sum of it was produced for Princess Diazame, twin of the crowned ruler, Princess Gabriella of the Old World. They don’t make these coins now because it only reminds them of the tragic loss they had about the princess and mainly the symbol of the coin stands for the lost ruler. If you want to know more about her, talk to Eusebio. He’s old enough to know the story.”

Now got to Eusebio.

Eusebio: “Did you say Princess Diazame?! …Nobody has asked me about her for a long time now… marvelous young woman. Her body may not be found for 12 years now, but her presence is still very well alive in the minds of the old world. Her future made her the crowned ruler of Vespanola after her mother's death. A pretty and intelligent girl, too bad most people agree she makes such rash decisions... Her destiny changed because of the choice she made. On a war she led to the new world, she met an injured Republican captain that turned to out to be Simon Ayande’s cousin, the ruler of the Republican. Princess Diazame thought she could make Captain Alphonse Ayande on their side. Taking him hostage and journeying back to the castle, they fall in love with each other. Blinded by love, they became neutralists just wanted to live a life of their own as hunters for treasure, far away from their political families. Diazame's sister, Princess Gabriella was the only heir to the throne and until now, she still rules among the Vespanolans. One day, as Diazame along with Alphonse and their troops were searching the territory of Prison de Joaquin Schivaliere, Alphonse was believed to be slain by the monsters and his soul was trapped to become the Fallen Champion. Crushed by the loss of her love, Princess Diazame seems to have died of depression but no one has found her body.”

Option: Quest message pops up, “Return to scholar”

Scholar: “Have you learned about Princess Diazame?”

Sigrid Option: “Yes, she has a fabulous but unfortunate story.”

Scholar: “She’s dead already yet I wonder where your patron got this coin. Whoever gave this to him may have found the treasure Princess Diazame got and is living well-off somewhere…”

Option: Quest message pops up, “Return to Messenger”

Once in the Ship, talk to the Messenger and relate the story.

Messenger: “I see… that may be a logical theory… that my client indeed has found the lost treasure of Princess Diazame… but the part where he lives ‘well-off’? I’m not so sure about that. My client lives in a small and simple hut deep within the forest of Ustiur. I don’t feel to well to hike in that place, so please finish this job for me. Here is the payment for you discreet research and taking these items to my client.”

You received 20,000 vis

A letter from Dr. Torche

In inventory quest, you still have the 5 High Quality Wood, 5 Mana Stone and Antique coin as remembrance of the quest.

You now go to Ustiur and find the location of the Mysterious Client. (GM just create it somewhere in the forest! :p)

In a hut… there’s an NPC hooded in black and all you can see is his eyes and his Bow.

5 cells away from him, a message pops up.

Hooded person: “Stop right there! I will kill you if you go any further!”



-Fight him.

Now if you choose to fight, you absolutely have no way of winning because the correct option you need to choose is to leave.

Once you choose it, your family will speak.

Sigrid Family: “I’m sorry to bother you but your messenger was injured during his task and has asked us to bring these items you have requested.”

You give him 5 Hard Wood, 5 Mana Stone, Letter from Dr. Torsche.

Hooded person: “So you really were just sent by my messenger. You are…?”

Say Family Name.

He reads the letter and becomes disturbed.

Hooded Person: “Sigrid Family… I have a favor to ask of you. It seems you are stronger than my messenger and I will give you a reward beyond your expectations. In exchanged for my allegiance, I need you to do a very hard and dangerous task.

You need to bring me the soul amber of the Fallen Champion found in the Prison de Joaquin, Schivaliere. After that, bring it to Dr. Torsche and ask him to make an Envicto Stone out of it. He will know it is I, Alphonse who has sent you.”


-Fight the Fallen Champion? Are you insane?! (If you choose this, hooded person answers “I see… I was a fool to think you can do this job. Now go on your way and don’t speak of what you see in this forest!”

-Now that’s a challenge. You better be worth it. (If you choose this, his answer will be “Excellent. It’s been a longtime since I’ve seen such high spirits. I’ve been in this forest for 17 years and I’ve secluded myself from the cruel and feeble world. And I’m willing to leave all this after you bring me what I need.”

The attainment of the soul amber will be automatic once you have killed the Fallen Champion. If under the circumstance where there are many Family who is killing it at the same time, you need to make the highest damage in order to attain the soul amber. (Only with the quest initiated shall you be able to get the soul amber.

Once you have accomplished this task, go to Dr. Torsche in his Mansion and ask that an ‘Envicto Stone’ be made of it.

Dr Torsche: “Welcome back Sigrid Family! So you want an Envicto Stone be made of this stone amber. Alphonse is really intriguing, asking me about how I made my Catherine come back to life. As you very well know, I can only make a likeness of her but not make her memories live again. Creating the stone it is an easy task since I’ve experimented on this before… but I will need 200 otite pieces to give energy to the stone. Do you know what an Envicto Stone does?”

Option: “No, what exactly does it do?”

Dr. Torsche: “So he hasn’t told you. The Envicto Stone is a powerful stone that allows you to summon the likeness of the soul you have captured. I believe that this soul amber was from the fallen champion? If you use this stone with the proper enchantment, for a moment you can summon the Fallen Champion and use it to your intention. I do not know that Alphonse, but I wish he is going to use the stone in its proper use. I am just captivated by the fact I can make other’s likeness like I did to my dear Catherine.”

After completing 200 otite pieces, go back to him and have the stone made.

After receiving the finished Envicto Stone from Dr. Torche, go back to Aphonse.

Alphonse: “Sigrid Family, you are back. Were you able to complete my request?”

You hand him the Envicto Stone.

Alphonse: “This… Sigrid… you’ve done it… you’ve just proven yourself worthy of allegiance and you’ve resurrected my melancholic spirit. With the trouble you went through, I believe it is right for me to tell you who I really am. My name is Diazame, daughter of Queen Esperanza, sister of the crowned ruler Princess Gabriella and lover of the departed Captain Alphonse Ayande. I have lived in this forest for 17 years, denying myself of the tragic events that happened in my life. But with this Envicto stone, I will be able to summon Alphonse in the image of the Fallen Champion, even for a moment I may at least see him and know that he is always with me. I will go with your journeys but will remain hidden in this cloak, so my family nor my supposed enemies know I still exist. I am happy with my life, free from the strict and obligated future. I learned to be more independent and became strong without the help of political families and of outcomes of wars. The only part of me dead is my heart who is longing for my love.”

You have Received Princess Diazame’s Character Card.

~Extra note: An additional mission for Diazame’s outfit can be done at level 80. A recipe for her clothes can be made by Andre Janzur. (Yes! She’s not in her cloak! She’s disguised as a very sexy archer. *Drool*) I haven’t thought of any items needed for her clothes, but it’s suppose to be hard and rare items. It’s more fulfilling to have you princess archer out of her cloak right? =p

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