Getting to know Sigrid..iRL.

A look on who's behind the [peculiar] owner of Sigrid...

Unlike other blog support sites, this one doesn't provide "About Me" link. So i took the liberty of stopping being such a phantom of the opera, I am turning the identity of the Sigrid Controller"s" into an article.

While many thinks Sigrid is Male, I would like to clarify that Sigrid has two beings.

I am Joan (going under the pseudonym of Lady ‘K), a 19-year-old impudent blogger of Diaryo el Familia Sigrid. Initially the owner of Sigrid account, I asked my bestfriend Kienz to play it during evenings and early mornings and eventually made Sigrid known as a Bloodlusting family in PVP. O_o”

I only play the account during morning or until Kienz’s shift is up. But unfortunately, it is life that soon after you graduate, one eventually needs to work. (And here I am updating my blog while at work! *LOL!*)

I’m a graduate of Journalism currently residing in Manila, Philippines, while Kienz is in Pangasinan (still part of the Philippines) who still gets to enjoy allowances and play GE anytime. *sob*

Sigrid’s name had no origin, except that I thought it was a very nice name. Even before the game was launched, I tried to kill anybody who would try and use that name. LOL! XD

I love the irony o f life, I write when in the mood, I like some stuffed burritos right now, and all I want is to discover my limitless capabilities. =)

"The Vision Still Exists."
-Lady 'K

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