Coming Soon: Relapse (A GE FFA entry)

Just when you think everybody has been lining their entries for Granado Espada's Fantazzztic Film Festival, look again... =)

Kindeesig-COVENANT Production Presents:

A Granado Espada Film Festival Entry


"In a time when power and territory was significant, two people are sworn into rival for aspiring glory, immortality and for the heart of their one love. But in a tragic event, they lose themselves... and when love comes in between them, their second life is only a matter of satisfying their raging hearts and give them purpose of existence they have truly been longing for..."

Relapse is a tragic story of fate, a memory reborn, and a love worth dying for...

Cast Screenshots:

Submission Entry:

(Indefinite - Still on Production. >_<")



Veya said...

woot~! an FFA entry! goodluck! ^_^

Lady 'K said...

A boost from Veya is such a big help! hahaha! Yosh! Hope we finish shooting in time for the submission! XD