Intel 'Scene & Heard' Week announced!

After much suspense, the long wait is finally over! The FFA Intel 'Scene & Heard' submission week has revealed the winners!

Watch and read the article here.

This is our Entry for this submission:

Granado Zuuuuperstars!

See who IS the ultimate Granado Zuperstars in our forum poll! ^_~v Click here.

*Extra Note: I'm super surprised now while making this article! Our Granado Zuperstars Youtube has hit 601 viewers (*and counting!*)! That's a "WOW" for me! Many thanks for all those who supported our video! ^_^v

Congratulations to my team! (<---Vanity. XD) And of course to my close friends, Reclusion brothers, Fiksdotter, and Deniva. *Waves Baudetti Flag*

The intensive battle between the talented GE players/video makers is almost coming to and end. The pressure just won't stop as the Grand Finals week started at Feb. 16 and will end on the 22nd! Announcement on who the is the ultimate Machinima Maker team will be decided days after and all we can do is continue with the sleepless niights of shooting, producing and editing. LOL!

For all who will join, Kudos! And to who ever wins, an advance Congratulations! Let's all be a good sport and hope the Machinima making doesn't stop here. :)

Pinoys dominate the FFA! *Waves PH flag* ^^v



SPOILER: Please forgive me as the next pics you will see make you go LMAO on your seats. >_<"

After a long day's work, I had a chance to relax by getting a haircut yesterday. I said byebye to my long hair (it was a year ago since i last had a haircut) and when the final touches were done, only then did I think long and hard as to whom I look like........

(Continue reading and you will realize why my haircut has been so relevant with GE. *shivers in my seat*)

This is my haircut. Guess who i look like?!? O_O"

*Drum roll* *guessy, guessy!*


But wait, there's moreeee! o_O"

What has happened to me??? LOL! I was thinking maybe this was ONE OF THE MANY results of having withdrawals from Granado Espada... You SUBCONSCIOUSLY tend to LOOK like the CM's... O_O"

Be surprised if the next time around, my pajamas would look like Le Blanc.

Haha! ^^v