SPOILER: Please forgive me as the next pics you will see make you go LMAO on your seats. >_<"

After a long day's work, I had a chance to relax by getting a haircut yesterday. I said byebye to my long hair (it was a year ago since i last had a haircut) and when the final touches were done, only then did I think long and hard as to whom I look like........

(Continue reading and you will realize why my haircut has been so relevant with GE. *shivers in my seat*)

This is my haircut. Guess who i look like?!? O_O"

*Drum roll* *guessy, guessy!*


But wait, there's moreeee! o_O"

What has happened to me??? LOL! I was thinking maybe this was ONE OF THE MANY results of having withdrawals from Granado Espada... You SUBCONSCIOUSLY tend to LOOK like the CM's... O_O"

Be surprised if the next time around, my pajamas would look like Le Blanc.

Haha! ^^v


Veya said...

ahahahaha~ nice one! i'd say it's addiction, not withdrawals XD~

Lady 'K said...

I hope you're not mad at me for looking like you CM Veya! LOLS! XD

promise, it was accidentaaaal! >__<"

May i call you neesan now? =))

barb michelen said...

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Mark said...

hahahaha Joan d halata na fan ka nila Veya LOL [just kidding hahahah!]

anyway anyway...I want teh monkey paparazzi!!!!! ~_~