Bahaia Patch Invitations!

I know Bahadia Patch has been out for quite some time now. I always, alwaaaaayys tend to post topics just when they start to be outdated. LOL! >_<" But hey, like the saying goes, it's "better late than never" right? ^^" So to make up for that, I made 2 front greeting-card-like regarding Bahadia Batch. This are my actual screenshots, taken the first time i visited Bahaia. (Freebie for VETERANS ONLY: Don't forget to get your FREE Wreath (White rose-liek hair accessory for females.. and males too! o_o") Get it from RNPC Rosa Blanca.

Explore the place and discover lots of great view, mini-games, and of course, the island of Fire where unfortunately, I haven't been too yet. *Not enough vis to buy key* LOL! >_<"

Stop drooling at my elementalist! :p

*Edited: Thanks to the commenter. >_<"

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Anonymous said...

its Bahia

and its not an RNPC its just an NPC her name is ROSA BLANCA