Granado Espada Desktop Calendars

There are no second thoughts on this one! I uploaded a found Granado Espada Desktop Calendar for 2008 (Courtesy of Reimaru! Just don't know where he got it though! XD) so you'd have a more flashy and fancy wallpaper of your favorite game!

...And it's free for you to have and save it in your PC!!! ^^v

First the first three months, we'll be looking at the
elementalist in a classic
for January to March!

We then have cute little viki as ourdesktop image for April - May!
(Is that Beethoven??? XD)

Our screen flares from July and to September with the sexy carpenter, Angie!

And last but not least, My personal favorite---
the October - December calendar of the HAWT, HAWT fighter!
(I can't wait to have this as my desktop image LOL!)

Enjoy!! ^^v

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