FFA Entries: Miscrosoft Vista 'Scene & Heard' week winners

I 'LOLED' at myself for not remembering to post this!

Here are the winners for the first submission for the
Fantazzztic Film Awards (FFA) Microsoft Vista 'Scene & Heard' week.

'Twas the start of everybody's eagerness to submit their own creation and for the first week, only five had submitted (Including my team's DEBUT entry! XD) The winners where decided after almost 2 weeks of waiting. The result was a bit 'imbalanced'.

(To view the direct link to the winners announcement: Click Here)

1st place: (Receiving a set of Microsoft Vista each and their movie is one of the FFA Grand Finale finalist entries)

Team ID GE10003
Server: Carracci
Team Leader: Tokoyoshi

Teammate #1: devilz

Teammate #2: PCB

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cFts480d2Q

2nd place: (Bags a Microsoft Office 2007 each and their movie is also one of the FFA Grand Finale finalist entries)

Team ID: 100019
Server/World: Carracci
Team Member #1 Family Name: Sigrid / Joan
Team Member #2 Family Name: Kincaid / Arvin
Team Member #3 Family Name: deEspania / Mark

(Here's our video that I've been promoting since then.. Hope you like it! ^^v)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Consolation Prizes: 'Early Bird' Award were also given by IP E-games (woot generous!) and
the following teams will each receive 90k G-points! (30k G-points for each team member)

Team ID GE100027

Server: Pachelbel
Team Leader: Xilx
Teammate #1: Althez

Teammate #2: Piezx

Video Link: http://www.stage6.com/user/silent88/video/1972423/

Team ID GE100028

Server: Carracci
Team Leader: milkshake
Teammate #1: Senkado

Teammate #2: alpha

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHvnATjfLj0

Team ID: GE10005
Server/World: Pachelbel
Team Leader Family Name/Nickname: CagedBird
Team Member #1 Family Name/Nickname: Shenhan
Team Member #2 Family Name/Nickname: Froztitanz

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWG_qVxTtck

*Author's Personal Note:
As i was saying earlier, although I did like team Tokoyoshi's Video "Chobits' Codename: Catherine", i very much would want to express my deepest opinion that the judging of IAH for the different submission weeks are somehow mixed up because there's a big difference between doing a 'spoof' and a 'drama/love story/tragic movie'.

There may be elements that were put into consideration (like story, video quality, etc.) but still, I THINK to be able to classify and actually 'see' the best video is to have a category on the videos for the future FFA submission weeks. (e.g. "Bloopers vs. bloopers, you get the point. ~_~") but then again, i think this would be impossible now since as i currently write this article, the winners for the 2nd submission week has already been decided upon. I just hope in future competitions like this, everything is ironed out entirely. ^^,

And so without further ado, Congratulations everyone and Let's go and make more entries!!! ^_______^v

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