When Worlds Collide (The Lost Princess Story) Part I

When Worlds Collide
A Granado Espada Fanfiction

Part 1: How it all started...

In a small, abandoned hut deep within the forest of Ustiur, a diary was found by scholars who say it was owned by a person believed dead for 12 years… In the diary, it contains the person’s life’s tragedy, of overcoming the sadness, and the new found hope to survive…

12 years ago…

“Make way for the Queen and Princessess! Make way! Treat her Majesty! We cannot lose our Queen in this hazy crisis!”

With the sudden commotion, the townsmen of Vespanola are provoked at the sight of the royal family and its court as they enter the castle. They know they came all the way from Brestia of the New World to sign the Dos Mundos Treaty, hoping for the expansion of their state… but now that the Queen has fallen ill, their worst nightmare may have come to a conclusion. Brestia, led by Simon Ayande, has refused the alliance offered by their country and instead, declared war upon them.

And tragically, days later, the Royal Castle is now keeping from the world a secret that would devastate their country, and most likely lead to the Old World’s defeat. Her Highness, Queen Elizabeth has died from heart attack upon hearing Brestia’s declaration of war. In her long reign in her ancestor’s land, they have managed to live in peace and prosperity without spilling blood… But now with the people discovering new lands and hoping to gain it for their own, the Queen has breathed her last, leaving her two daughters, Princess Diazame and Princess Gabriella as the heir and leader to the Old World.

And so, the royal court critically deliberates at their preparations for the battle, and most importantly, the coronation of their new Queen. Between the twins Princess Diazame and Gabrielle. The late Queen would have chosen Diazame to heir the throne because she is known to be brave and intelligent, and has learned the ways of her country well. The royal court were confident that Diazame can be their new ruler, except for a little problem about her rash decision-making. It can’t be helped since she is still a kid at heart, but her responsibility is grave, and so they are willing to support their majesty. As for Gabriella, she was still devasted at the sudden loss of her mother, and so it was for certain, Diazame has realized she cannot show much melancholic emotion specially in their present situation.

As months passed, the people of Vespanola are alarmed at the news from other allied countries that they are being invaded by the Brestian Army. With no other choice, they dispatch their finest troops called the Red Navy to aid in the battle.

As the Vespanolan people become restless of the turning events, Queen Diazame wanted to assure them of victory.

Then she made a reckless move.

Her majesty has left with an army, hoping to stop the battle by discuss it over with Simon Ayande.

…Even if it meant handing herself over to the enemy.

(To be continued...)


Draconifors said...

Sounds like an interesting start already! Btw, I'm not sure if you posted screencaps to accompany your story, but it didn't load for me and I wished there were. :D

Keep up the good work!

-Draconifors from Celestial Faction (Carracci Server)

Lady 'K Sigrid said...

Thanks Draconifors! ^^v I'm still working on the illustrations... I haven't drawn for a while so i'm still polishing my skills... ^^" But if readers do have a fanart for this, i hope they would share it! :)