Updates on The Lost Princess!

I made certain adjustments needed because I thought of a new skill thanks to Ultimate's 'Beast Master' idea. Final Granado Skills "Aiming shot" and "Scale shot" were moved to Aleda Etin, making it like this:

LVL 1] Lerente
– Raises accuracy but lowers defense for a certain duration (5 levels, each lvl raises accuracy let’s say for 2% for the price of -1 def?)
[LVL 4] Repelling shot – Drives enemies back in a certain cell range (Distance is longer depending on skill level, 5 levels)
[LVL 8] Curse shot– Enemies hit within 5 range will have the chance of being blind, stunned, poisoned and sleep. (Success rate raises depending on skill level, 5 levels)
[LVL 12] Aiming Shot - Aims at an enemy's critical part. (5 levels, starts with 1700% damage)
[LVL 16] Scale Shot - Rain of arrows at a certain spot, damages up to 8 enemies. (5 levels, starts at 600% damage.)

As for the Final Granado Stance, it has a new skill, basically the Beast Master thingy i mentioned earlier. Archer/Hunter types are well-known to have friendly beasts that aid them in battle anyway. ^^,"

[LVL 4] Create Envicto Stone:
Lvl 4: 100 Otite Piece + Wolf's Soul Amber
Lvl 6: 120 Otite Piece + Joaquin Bear's Soul Amber
Lvl 10: 180 Otite Piece + Mana Stone + Fallen Champion's Soul Amber
[LVL 8] Envicto Olympia – Summon a monster to aid in battle.

(5 levels, each level raises attack power of summon) Cool down: 2 minutes. Consumes 1 Envicto Stone depending on the soul amber used.)

Lvl 6: Summon a translucent Wolf for 10 sec. (Consumes 1 Friendly beast Envicto Stone)
Lvl 12: Summon a translucent Joaquin Bear for 11 sec.
(Consumes 1 Violent Beast Envicto Stone.)
Lvl 15: Summon a translucent Fallen Champion for 12 sec. (Consumes 1 Fallen Chapion's Envicto Stone)

Okay... I'm really not sure about the beasts (except for the all-original Fallen Champion) that could be summoned... ~_~" the wolf is okay, but a bear? *LOL!* Gimee some idea! There are no eagle enemies in GE so far! >_<

Anyway, right now i'm still busting my brains trying to work out the long version of the The Lost Princess, though I think i'll be changing the title... And by the way, I also changed the years the princess was supposedly lost, it's now only 12 years because she would be really old already... and i don't think if players knew that, they wouldn't be so attracted even though she's a sexy huntress... XD


I've thought of a new RNPC because our protagonists' journey. I have an idea about his skills, stance and story but I'm primarily sleeping and waking up, thinking of Alphonse and Diazame's fanfiction. (sleeeeppy~ -_-")

Clues: The new RNPC's job is an Anime title, a book written by my favorite author Paolo Coehlo, and the goal of this class has been known to be associated with King Maida's power. ^^v

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