When Worlds Collide: Part II

When Worlds Collide: Part II
A Granado Espada Fanfiction

Part II: A Life Worth Dying For

As three months passed from continues sailing from Vespanola to the New World, the ship of the new Queen approaches the Town of Coimbra

From afar, they can see the smoke and remains of what seems to be an intense battle that just took place. Queen Diazame wanted to disembark and see what has happened, but she was heeded by his royal advisor that they might be caught in between the fight if a battle is going on... Yet Diazame felt she needed to be there, that she had to be there!

The ship anchors in the Port of Coimbra, the city of fishermen and the sun. Yet no matter how good the place must have been, it was not spared by the war as the small city has become a lifeless ruin…

As Diazame and her troops rummage through the deserted town, she was astounded to see the outcome of the battle… She had only seen one dead body, and that was her mother’s. But the late Queen Elizabeth only looked as if she was sleeping, softly slumbering in her royal coffin.

But this… this lake of dead cadavers was a chilling and frightening feeling that despite many of the corpse was of their enemy, it made her realize how fragile life is, and from the eyes of the slain, this is not what they wanted. But they had to fight for their country’s sake.

They walked further, trying to find any sign of life, any s

urvivors, a soldier, a townsmen, anyone! The Queen was getting desperate yet she realized that they had other duties to fulfill. She was going to ask her troops to board the ship already when one of his soldiers shouted. “Someone’s alive in here! Your Majesty come quick!”

Diazame felt the surge of her blood as she raced to the survivor. The soldier was just looking at the man lying, semi-conscious and was bleeding to death. “What are you doing?!" She souted. "Help him up!”

“But your majesty… he’s… he’s-!”

“He’s a what?!”

She took the man himself and realized why the soldier didn’t want to help him. Covered in blood and dirt, it was highly distinguishable that this man was of high ranking, more like a captain for Brestian’s Army.

“Your Highness!” Diazame’s Royal advisor detested. “This man is our enemy! He has lead the battle to fight our people and you’re going to help him?!”

“Treat him!” She blurted. “He may be an enemy, but I have seen enough bloodshed. We embarked on this journey to stop the war, not tolerate it! He may be an enemy, but he is still human in need of help.”

“But My Queen! What if he attacks us after we treated him?!”

“Only a man who has no breeding would bite his rescuer’s hand. He seems to be a noble man.”

“Excuse my persuasiveness your Highness, but even if he is well-mannered, you cannot remove the fact that he was trained to become a soldier, a cold-hearted murderer to carry on his task and live for his country’s sake!”

“You said it yourself Gastor, ‘to live for his country’. He wants to live and look at him! He looks as if he’s barely making it. But, fine… if it would make you sleep well tonight, have him guarded well, but I want our guest to be treated properly. I will check on his condition in his barracks.”

“Alas, As her Majesty wishes...” Gastor sighed.

As they carry the wounded captain back to the ship, Diazame ponders at the name of the mysterious young man who struggles to live amidst the lost fight…

(To be continued...)

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