Free-for-all-topic: "If Andre had a rival..."

...How would that NPC be?

Describe his/her personality, image, skills and of course... services! ^o^

(OMG the world has gone mad! >_<")

My idea:
*WARNING!* Parental Guidance is adviced. LOL.

If Andre Jazur, the ever fantasiiiziing homosexual, (nothing wrong about that) would have an alter RNPC rival, I think it should be a gay girl,
someone who looks like Idge Imbrulia or Lorch Furuholmen except with the girly face and all... :-O (Honestly I thought Idge was a guy. She actually did a good job making me think she was just a 'pretty boy' and all! >_<)

And so...




'Andrea': "Yeah so what if i'm an edited version of Idge and Item Mall NPC? :p"

Andre: "Hmpf!~ You cannot zimply make a nem for yur zelf! You are not as magnifezeeeeent as Andre Jazur!"


Since Andre is equiped with a rapier, the rival version would be another melee using pistols, rifles or most preferably, 'big guns'. (CANONS) :p But wouldn't it seem like having another Lorch in the party... hmmm~ The idea here is making the NPC boyish anyway...

As for the services... (here we go!) What do you think if Granado Espada had it's own barber shop---like?! >_< 'Andrea' the boyish NPC would have hair styles and hair color change services. Talk about having a Salon somewhere in the City of Auch! But if that's her services, then i might as well said she fights using a big scissor and changes the enemy into fluffy and kawaii monsters then you'd say "i-can't-kill-it-it's-so-cuteee!" *ROTFL* But hey, despite that, i don't think Andre would simply be out of business just like that! Who knows... she bring may bring out the "MACHO GUY" in Andre and end up being together. woot!~^o^

[~If i get a lot of DECENT ideas out of your suggestions, I might make another RNPC suggestion so share your thoughts now!

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Sigrid said...

Aww crap... arcleaumont left a chat msg and said that Andre already has a rival.. and it's some captain of the Katovic snowfield expedition... I really don't know about him yet since i haven't been in that territory yet... i just can't imagine a cpatain class being labeled as Andre's rival. ~_~"

...i still vote for Andrea! LOL! ~xD