A know-how on the Great Hill Giant

...Learn from a faction who's taken down a GREAT HILL GIANT.
(Granado Espada's 'INCREDIBLE HULK')

By Kincaid (Covenant Faction Leader)

Faction quests in Granado Espada, are a test of these leadership qualities, and it is an experience that is as rewarding for the members as much as for the leader.

Faction Quest 51 is basically divided into two quests: the Great Hill Giant and the Chrysalis, respectively. Completing both quests will earn the Faction Leader an inherent glow, the Leader's Brilliance; it also allows the faction to have its own customized logo, and the option to appoint a second deputy leader. Sir Lyndon or Pioneering Officer Chrystelle, will give you the quest for upgrading the Faction.

The first part is to defeat the Great Hill Giant. He can be summoned by pouring the Honeywater on the large stones at E5 Vegas Javier. (Don't worry, you'll never run out of Honeywater; You can always summon the Great Hill Giant until you've finally beaten him.)


Name: Great Hill Giant
Level: 90
HP: 2,313,402
Attack: 11,144
Defense: 121
Resistance: 30 All

Skills: Earthquake

The biggest problem in dealing with GHG is tanking it. If the tank dies, it changes target and you'll run out of precious time to defeat him. You only have around 30minutes to kill him, and you can't waste time running around trying to avoid his attacks and revive everyone that died. A Fighter with Provoke and High Guard is very useful for this, since they can block attacks and can probably survive his skill.

Once you've finally found a good tank to deal with him, you can use normal attacks to deal damage, so he doesn't change targets. Should you want to use a skill, use it when he can’t 'see' you (ie. target him from the back). Elemental ground spells are useful (such as blizzard and tornado holding) but you also run the risk of getting too close just to cast the spell. With a good tank, and enough firepower, GHG should be a fun and rewarding guild activity. Its only drop is the crystal stone of hill giant used as proof for Sir Lyndon that the faction has indeed taken down the oversized monster.

On the experience…

We have been practicing some tanking with it, but we always die a lot. We've finally brought down the GHG on the third try, together with our allied factions. We were supposed to get it done on the second try, but unfortunately, there was a mass disconnection from users in the Philippines and Malaysia, so we ran out of firepower during the last 10 minutes.

We couldn't have made it without participative members or helpful allies. (Bluntly, those who will join in the quest should at least be level 80+ to survive at least a hit. But if low level characters do wanna join, they could be healers or 'resuiers'. ~_~") And as a faction leader, I've learned that dying is a big part of the game, and its not as bad as you think it is. It only makes you humble enough to make you realize that sometimes, you're never good enough taking everything on your own.

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