(Side-tracking) Plug: Game! mag MAY issue

I finally have in my hands my complimentary copy (LMAO) of Game! mag's MAY issue where vainly said, my article on Claymore Anime is published. Please don't try researching the anime if you don't know it, might as well buy yourself a copy and read my article. LOL!

(Of course i can't scan the article right? It's against company policy LMAO! XD
Picture taken from NineMoon's article.)

But hey, that's not the only perks you'll get anyway! On Granado Espada, our very own NineMoons has once again tirelessly reported on the events that took place last month such as the Girl Gamer Event and E-Games Domination II!

See a lot of pictures and please don't wonder why you'll see in most of the pictures! >.<" It was NineMoons who chose the pics, it just so happened uhhh... I was there? XD

Also, please I beg of you, for the sake of the preservation of my own innocence (LOL again *evil laugh*) DO NOT! I say, DO NOT! tease or violently react about the line about me in the "Writer's Guild" section of the magazine. It was not my fault! I didn't write it! Acccck! Blame Game! >_<" But yeah, I'm pluging it at the same time to so go buy it already! ~XD


Robby Benson said...

Wow free publicity! Hehehe! Thanks Joan! Your post rocks! Actually nauna ka pa magpublicize sa 'kin, haha! Super busy kasi for the June issue of GAME!. Do watch out for that...It's gonna be a blast, swear, tee hee!

Robby Benson said...

And by the way, we're really sorry about the writer's guild write-up. It was just for fun, nothing personal, and in the first place EIC doesn't know you personally. It's all random thoughts.

I won't let it happen again, I promise.

And to Joan's/Sigrid's friends or anyone involved, stop teasing her please...^_^

Lady 'K said...

Haha! Don't worry, they don't dare tease me.. or else i PK them! >:) (LOL, dream on Sigrid! XD)

Thanks for dropping by Robby! ^_^v

deEspania said...

wait wait sir! go continue that like Joan said "Don't worry" hahaha ^^