E-Games Dom1nation: G.E. Aftermath!

The long entry line has deemed worthy as the E-Games Dom1nation 2 became a success to all it's players who traveled near and far to attend this big event! It was fun and tiring, but would a player really give up this opportunity to meet and greet other players rather than spend this one special Sunday to level-up their characters? Come on! >_<"

So here's the aftermath pic spam that would kill your PC [less] since I upload pics the same way I do with my other articles. I'll just be posting 'em up and not do anymore coverage since NineMoons did a better documentation of that day. Read her Article here.

Here are the pictures and let them tell you the story. ^_^v

View from the second floor of SMX
Thank God i finally got out of that long line!

Welcome to E-Games Domination!

They called this the "Food STRIP" @_@"

The only booth I visited. XD

Free Plays/ PvP tourny here: DND! >_<"

My new faction, Outcast: An early pose with pCM Veya!

Covenant Faction, still bonded mind and heart
(From the left: Peaches, Forjadorluna, Sigrid, Zoldyak, Kincaid)

The pose of the Covenant and Faction banner designer,
Kincaid the Landslide-Chancellor winner. haha! =)

Strike a pose on the E-games wall!
Sigrid, Kincaid and Blacksword

Cosplayers/GE players and Bloggers Deniva and Illuven!

Feng Ling, Idge and Lisa! Woot!

1st, 2nd and 3rd placer of the 2007 Fantaztic Film Awards
Congratulations everyone!
(I want Quad! XD)

When i was being awarded as one of the GE FFA Community Heroes
(Oh and there's the MS Office 2007 prize. LOL)

The sigrid controllers (Kienz and Joan) with SG CM Hrin


FAQ's on the winners/prizes:

1) If you want to know the winners of the iGN/iRL competitions, visit NineMoons' documentation of the event. She was able to note all the winners and even posted their pictures too.

2) Prizes like the "In-game costume of your choice" would be ONE costume only. (Confirmed with pCM Veya) ...Sad, i know. ~_~" *decides on who in my family will get my costume choice*

3) For all the winners of the different iGN / iRL events, please email your username and password to me, errr.. (LMAO) username and IGN names to: veya@granadoespada.com.ph

Please note that only the members, deputies that are present IN THE EVENT can be rewarded. FL's will automatically have rewards.

This applies to the Major AND consolation winners who were promised of an in-game item also. ^_^

4) Clarify also which contest you won.

5) Wait for a week or two to get your prizes.

6) Visit this forum article for more talks on the G.E. Dom1nation aftermath!

Kudos and It was nice seeing everyone! ^_^v


Special mention:

~Thanks to Cer aka TGK (TheGreatKeeper) [am i right?] from Vradical Faction for returning me my phone when i unknowingly dropped it after jumping when our Fation won in the Banner competition. >_<" Real thanks man, my cellphone is my work. LOL! ~XD

~Congratulations to Reclusion (Darrick & Nate), Fiksdotter, Artaxerxes and NineMoons (and team) for taking home tons of hams! Well deserved guys! ^_~

~To my faction, the Outcast, for being Most Loyal Faction and Faction Banner winner. Woot! Let's enjoy the prizes and hope to see you all again in the future! ^_^v

From left to right: Uhh.. to many to mention. >_<"


Check out more unposted photos here!

~My camera (Well, what it took before it ran out of battery in the middle of the event. Sheez.)

~NineMoons' Photobucket


Richard T. Ramos said...

oi naguupdate na cya ng blog hehehe
prang reunion ng covenant ung nangyari last sunday ah heheh...
and congratz pla for being one of the GE community heroes ^^

Lady 'K said...

Congratulations to us! XD