On †Bayushi†'s Scamming Issues

And of the pending (?) disintegration of GE…

If my dear reader, you are still unaware or is simply curious of what happened regarding Carracci’s Outcast Faction Leader –†Bayushi†’s scamming, the story is summed up as someone (let’s name him “scumbag”) copying my Faction mate’s name Basconian and turning it into “Basconiian”.

Since the names are undoubtedly almost the same, my TRUSTING FL got scammed with his +7 Pizzarro (with stats 40% attack, 40% Human, 85% Wild Beast). Now that’s where the story starts.

He reports it and unfortunately, doesn’t get the justice he was looking for. The thread were he “rants” of his issue can still be viewed in this close thread:


Before you go on reading it and add to the rising flame posts and get your opinions bursting, go through this article of mine and I will TRY to sum it for you.

*Author’s note:
With all honesty, I am not pleased with how IAH manages the wonderful game SPECIFICALLY in this instance. I will try my very best to write this article and be constructive towards both sides. Although I am posting my OWN thoughts to pour… well, it can’t be helped now that I am taking a stand to a COMING revelation to Granado Espada.


In that forum thread, I believe Bayushi has opted on posting his issue to let IAH (and basically, the players) know that 1) find the scammer and 2) he doesn’t want to pay the “administrative fee”, generally, a player who got scammed DOESN’T need to pay it.

But according to IAH’s policies, it is a compulsory act that must be done for his process to be requested.

…And that’s where the flame starts.

All those players who empathize on the one who got scammed says players doesn’t have to pay (if ‘m not mistaken, it’s a $20 ADMIN FEE!) while other players who have posted their opinion and wanted to “help” looks like they side on IAH.

I am not saying they are defending IAH and I will, for NO-FLAME’s sake, name names. There was one player (Poster 1) who simply tried to help by posting the arrangements that happened about previous scamming reports.

Then there’s another player (Poster 2) who also wants to “help” but to my POV, has become insensitive in giving his (or her) opinion. He doesn’t need to say Bayushi si a “retard” or a “kid” just because he’s voicing his thoughts. His first post almost seemed fine as we very know it was partially Bayushi’s ‘negligence’ that caused him his +7 pizz.

But either he’s just posting for opinion’s sake, or he wanted to start a flame. Why? Because this is a sensitive issue. He doesn’t need to say such harsh things to the person who is aggravated in this issue.

To look at it plain and simple, you wouldn’t want to put gas in an already flaming house right? I just hoped he would have given sincere BUT sensitive comments thus, the flame would have not started.

All other players who have joined in the conversation understands their POV as a player. That if they are in the shoes of Bayushi, they too would want ‘justice’ and rant about it if IAH does not solve the issue.

So summing it up, the thread was closed by IAH staff Edythia, responding to this issue with this:

As for Bayushi who still didn’t get the solution he was looking for, [READ: “1) find the scammer and 2) he doesn’t want to pay the “administrative fee”, generally, a player who got scammed DOESN’T need to pay it.”] get more heated up.

He continued his rant in this thread:

http://forums.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?p=411873&posted=1#post411873 in hopes of IAH finding a solution already.

Yes, we understand IAH staff doesn’t read all tickets 24/7 because they too need sleep, etc. But then, isn’t it clear that as a player (and the one aggravated at that), should see that it might not be hard for IAH to track down the scammer.

Bayushi can make another +7 pizz with better stats than the one scammed. He is reiterating that a SCAMMED PLAYER shouldn’t pay.

Taking notes on this threads, I have personally become certain that IAH is turning their “PLAYERS” into “CUSTOMERS”. It is sad to know that to be able to enjoy such a wonderful game, it is not “free”. Ironic isn’t it? I just want to point out this certain issue because I feel that Granado Espada MIGHT disintegrate if such management will occur.

I am saying this not only with my own words, but of other players as well. I may not have played for a long time, but I keep myself aware of the happenings in GE and I would very much want to see this game last long.

Here are interesting (and things to ponder) screenshots regarding a players’ sentiments. Do find Kincaid as a constructive and frank “player/customer”.

As for this screenshot from Bayushi:

I hope this isn’t true. We lie in wait to see how IAH will respond to the different kinds of issues they encounter and we can only hope that Granado Espada will see the dawn of prosperity... (not in terms of $$$ actually) -.-

May this incident serve as a lesson to each and everyone that we are prone to be scammed/hack/disgraced/corrupted in any means. Our own judgement and stand is what matters.

We shout: "we are PLAYERS!"

(This might be the time my "CM look" (see avatar) should come in don't you think? LOL)

God save us all.


POBT Player. Inactive but aware.


Here's a follow-up link by NineMoons regarding Scamming's branch: Cloning.

Read it here and be wary what ASCII abuse can do.

Hey, we're not teaching you how to scam alright?! It's about defending ur selves from those @#$%^&*! scumbags out there. ~_~"

Rant ends.

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