I believe in seaGE!

To make up for the previous article i made regarding IAH's pending (?) disintegration, I let my photo editing hobby kick-in and i made a screenie of my characters. Well, i'd like to highlight the "i believe in seaGE" at the upper left corner of the picture mainly because I DO believe in seaGE. Believing that despite all the negative issues they encounter, i hope for the betterment of the game and everything else that comes with it (Staff, players, events, gameplay!).

No, i wasn't secretly mailed and blackmailed to be banned (LOL!) because of my negative feedback towards them. I actually got inspired also through NineMoon's own free 'i believe in seaGE [copyrighted] logo'. XD

It just shows that eventhough we have things to rant about GE (and IAH for that matter), it doesn't also necessarily mean we're not enjoying it as well. (If we didn't, we would have quit long ago and wouldn't even bother to blog about it right?)

So here i am, showing my love for the game! Make yours too! ^_^v

*Edits some more SMALLER avatars* ~XD


I was finally able to make the avatars/logo i was talking about. I just copied the design of the logo i made from the screenshot above but made different colors for everybody's preference although there's still a small copyright of my name in it. XD

If you liked it and would want to use it, just let me know, chat me here (leave your e-mail add)me or e-mail me so i'll give you a copy without the copyright so you could go and spread the word too! =D (Sorry for the upcoming pic spam >.<") *Note: logos come in PNG format

*Still cooking up some more designs. Hope you'll watch out for it!* ^_^v

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