Further Maintenance?!

Although there had been an advance warning that a maintenance will take place today, players expected it would be the usual server downtime like thursdays. But then it was extended to 5pm... and now to 10 pm!

From GE News:


[Further Extension] Maintenance20 May 2008

Dear Gamers,

Due to unforseen circumstances, there will be a further extension of the maintenance to 2200 hrs (GMT+8) for these services:

Granado Espada Game Service
Granado Espada Forums
IAHGames' Passport system

We apologise for any inconvienence caused.

- Team GE

We can't do anything about this anyway right? I'm just wondering what's the "unforseen circumstance/s" though. *Remembers Kincaid's comment ROTFL* >:)
So dear fellow GE players, instead of getting hyped up with the long wait, find something else to do. Sleep and prepare for your long game time when the server is up, or go buy yourself a Game! mag and read my article LMAO! ^___^v

Updated 12 hours later...

Oooookkaaaayy.... So.... uhhh... yeah...we understand that you may still need time to continue the maintenance, but somehow, why doesn't it seem like such a suprise?

IAH, you're loosing MILLIONS a day! I could just see the fire threads that would start regarding this uber long maintenance......................................

Better make it up to the players or else you'd LOSE them. Bluntly said.

*Sigrid goes back to work*

Word of the day: (Which so happens to be VERY applicable to the situation)

You Lag IAH iRL.


Bwahahaha! ~XD

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