Blast from the past: Archer character anyone?

In attempts to think of an article i could update my blog with, fellow blogger Blacksword reminded me of the reason why i started a blog in the first place.

Reminiscing, I remembered my e-mail to CM Hrin on August of 2007, sending her my idea of an RNPC character I would love to be added in the GE classes. Although this class may not be new to everyone, I've tried to think of unique skills to at least compensate for this favorite kind of class of mine.

For those who is new to reading my blog, read on and see what i've thought about having an ARCHER class in Granado Espada. ~XD

Click on the link above to be redirected to my very first blog post, "The Lost Princess"... (and i still want to finish that story mind you. I'll think of the next scenes already! I promiiiiissseee!!! XD)

And yes, i know about the actual archer class CALYCE that is already existing in the GE gameplay. (Although i didn't know of her since news of her didn't come out since January yet. =p)

Here is a hafly translated guide to getting her: http://forums.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=37913&highlight=Calyce

**Note: Still no exact date/patch when she will come out)

Let's just hope this RNPC is worth recruiting, if not, i'll stick with Princess Diazame. LOL!

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