2 days to go 'till E-Games Domination II!

People! It's 2 more days to go 'till the awaited big party of E-Games!

What: E-Games Domination II
When: April 06, 2008, Sunday (Event is from 10am-10pm)
Where: SM Convention, Mall of Asia

Be sure to come fully prepared for all of what you might encounter in this big event. Be it friends, activities iGN or iRL, or things you might spend in that day! (I'm broke, but i'm sure i can find a way to find some cash soon... >_<"
S>vis for PHP, LMAO... kidding! XD)

Here's an interesting post by fellow faction mate and blogger Reimaru on "Players Guide to Convention and Events". Read his article here. (...Thanks for reminding me to bring a pen dear! XD)

And if you want to know more about what's in store for this event, visit the Granado Espada Multiply account where pCM Veya has posted all the activities to watch out for + Shuttle Pick up schedules (I'm juts not sure if it's free though...).

See you all there! ^_~v

I might be wearing a cosplay. >:)
(But then again, E-Games Domination II is doomed because of that LOL!)

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