The Face behind the Family: Meet the BEAUTIFUL players of Granado Espada!

Before i start my article, here are my own few sentiments mainly because of my own personal mishap: (better if you skip this one, LOL)

1) My shame on not being able to update my blog for months! Being idle in blogging, i finally have something to post and this is all about the 1st Girl-Gamer-Gathering held at iFrog Cafe in Metrowalk Pasig, hosted of course by E-games (and our dearly beloved pCM Veya), bringer of the Granado Espada game that is the purpose why such a gathering is held.

2) For not posting the FFA Grand Finale Results T_T". I might as well just link it to the official GE announcment since it's known by almost all FFA enthusiast anyway! XD And Though we didn't win this FFA series, it's a good thing I mentioned Kudos before to whoever wins and again, congratulations to them! (I'm happy for getting 140k G-points as consolation anyway! *shopping spree mode weeeee!~*

3) This isn't all rants! XD So I want you to know that I'm very honored and thankful for being one of the awarded as one of the Granado Espada's Fantastic Film Awards Heroes along with the rest of the other contestants namely: Kincaid, deEspania, Fetuccini, Familier, Mortreux, Weisswritter, Behringer, Fiksdotter, Reclusion, iCez, NineMoons, Artaxerxes, Mena, Zaleski, Corinthias and Cerex.

Thanks to Ninemoon's post, i was able to know I'd be receiving this award on the 2nd E-Games Dom1nation on April 6 at SMX Mall of Asia. *overwhelmed* Woot! Hope to see you all there! ^^v

Okay then, It ends there. XD

* * *

So going back to the event, I personally loooved the gathering and everything that happened in it. Not only because it was made personally made for Girl Gamers like us, but It was also an opportunity for us to gather together and know the faces behind the players we encounter in the GE community. It was funny to know some of their stories in-game, mostly when WE are being MISTAKEN as GUYS more often than we want to >___<"! *Pic spam Starts here! =)

Game Frog Cafe at Metrowalk

Register and prepare for the raffle!

Aside from the great company and chit chats, there were free food & drinks, free play and freebies for the gals who attended!

Loot bag contains GE poster, GE pin, uniform pencil,
and the game code for the Bunny Hairlace!
(Other GE merchandise for sale was the GE Shirt for
P200 and the usual Water Jug
and Limited Edition GE box.)

Free play!

(Why do i have a feeling the one hiding might be a guy!? @___@")

...Stop drooling! Nyahaha! >:P

It was a time for our voices to be heard, (and our fan boys to grow? LOL!) and our presence known... That not only guys can be competitive in the gaming industry (not necessarily GE only~) but for everyone to realize that we can be "mamaws/adiks" too! *Finds a guy to bully* ~XD

All hail Riasa aka Stormseek of Vivaldi!
The only expert Family who was there hopefully i'll be next soon! XD)
Oh and by the way, she's more mamaw than ever.
She won the 1st prize in the raffle, an Elite Le Ventisca in-game!
Woot! Lucky, lucky!

PJ (NineMoons) tries on her own GE shirt!
She won the 2nd prize, a Le Blanc of her own choice!
I'm super envious! XD (Le Blacn fighter! :X)
(According to her, she chose the Wizard outfit)

And here's sincerely yours, with my best bud Angela
who accompanied me to the event.
(She's a FlyFF player btw, am still getting her to play GE! >_<") I won the 3rd prize for the raffle and got me self this:

Not bad Huh? XD
(Image taken from this GE article.)

Fellow Blogger and Faction mate Oliveoyl also won 300 Adelina Booty Search! Congratulations girl! I hope you get to back a worthy item...let's say... Gavin Jameson!? woot!

Aside from the usual event-happenings, the main highlight of the gathering was the 'Focus Group Discussion' where the E-games-GE team listens to our side regarding anything and everything about the game. The special guest of the night was Relly Carpio of HackenSlash Gaming Blog who interviewed the girl gamers. Watch out for the videos/article he recorded about this event! ^_~v


Sources say this Granado Espada ID necklace will be
one of the prizes in the event in E-games Dom1nation.

Be sure to brush up your GE knowledge as
it might come in handy this coming April 6! ^___^

Also, be sure to bring some extra cash as the GE Jacket will be sold in the domination! Price will range around P500-P600! I'm gonna get myself one! =D

See you all in the next event!~

Word of the night: "Love GE, Live GE! ^_~v"

Special Thanks to DeSanggria and NineMoons for some of the pics! ^____^ (There, i finally updated my blog okay!? XD)

More pics from pCM Veya! View it here.

"I want bunny hat - Cyprus"
(yeah 'm fooling around with my characters again! XD)

Sigrid (c) 2008


relly carpio said...

waaah! special guest of the night? 0.o hindi ah! honestly i was just doing my job, making sure the gaming community gets the news so they can make informed decisions, and keep up to date. sorry i missed u at domination II, but i did see the other peeps. I love ur blog and ur writing is fantastic! keep up the good work!

relly carpio
gaming reporter

Lady 'K said...

Hi Relly! Thanks for visiting and finding the potential in me. LOL ^^,

Looking forward to writing for hackenslash. =D God Speed!

Jac said...

Funny how you never saw me at the event XD I'm the one with the red headband lolz