Bahaia Patch Invitations!

I know Bahadia Patch has been out for quite some time now. I always, alwaaaaayys tend to post topics just when they start to be outdated. LOL! >_<" But hey, like the saying goes, it's "better late than never" right? ^^" So to make up for that, I made 2 front greeting-card-like regarding Bahadia Batch. This are my actual screenshots, taken the first time i visited Bahaia. (Freebie for VETERANS ONLY: Don't forget to get your FREE Wreath (White rose-liek hair accessory for females.. and males too! o_o") Get it from RNPC Rosa Blanca.

Explore the place and discover lots of great view, mini-games, and of course, the island of Fire where unfortunately, I haven't been too yet. *Not enough vis to buy key* LOL! >_<"

Stop drooling at my elementalist! :p

*Edited: Thanks to the commenter. >_<"


My 2008 New Year's Resolution ...ulp!

This 2008, I thought resolutions weren't that recognized anymore. I wasn't into the whole resolution thing 'coz despite saying to myself I want to do this and not that, i still end up being my old 'un-improved' self. >_<"

So now, i might just dip into this whole resolution thing and TRY with all effort to persue my first ever serious resolution for 2008:

*This picture had been my entry for the Forum Quest 10: Veya's Challenge - Posh Holiday Stylish Screenshot (wheeew, what a long title >_<") See that topic here.

Aside from that very general (and not to mention HARD!) iRL resolution, there are actually numerous detailed resolutions I want to do or change in my life. I might make a screenshot for all of those but that would add another to my personal resolution: "find time to play GE! *DND working.* sob. ~_~")

I can only LOL. ~XD

As for those numerous resolutions, i don't really have to mention it all here 'coz this might just get melo-dramatic. ^o^

"The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul”

G. K. Chesterton

Happy start to everyone! ^_~v


Granado Espada Desktop Calendars

There are no second thoughts on this one! I uploaded a found Granado Espada Desktop Calendar for 2008 (Courtesy of Reimaru! Just don't know where he got it though! XD) so you'd have a more flashy and fancy wallpaper of your favorite game!

...And it's free for you to have and save it in your PC!!! ^^v

First the first three months, we'll be looking at the
elementalist in a classic
for January to March!

We then have cute little viki as ourdesktop image for April - May!
(Is that Beethoven??? XD)

Our screen flares from July and to September with the sexy carpenter, Angie!

And last but not least, My personal favorite---
the October - December calendar of the HAWT, HAWT fighter!
(I can't wait to have this as my desktop image LOL!)

Enjoy!! ^^v



It's finally oooout!!! Kindeesig productions is giving it all out! We're showing our fans (and competitors at the same time) what we have in stored for the upcoming Fantazztic Film Awards submission! Relapse 1 may be "crappy, overtimed and over rated love story" but you might be surprised we all took those comments as means to improve our future work!

So watch out and prepare. 'Coz Kindeesig Productions is back and better! ^_~

Coming February 2008.


Kindeesig's 2nd movie: Teaser

Kindeesig Productions Presents:

Our second movie [hopefully! >_<"] for the Fantastic Film Awards (FFA)...

Relax, bring out your popcorn and support your idol!

Who will become the FIRST... "Granaaaadooooooo's Zzzzzueeeepeeeerstaaar?!"

Cast your votes this January 2008!

Sigrid Invades POGS 2008!

I finally found some time to get my mind off work related stuff and do what i love doing best. And that oppurtunity came as the Philippine Online Gaming Summit (...not Society! >_<") held its famous celebration at the Trinoma Event Area yesterday (January 13).

*Disclaimer: Pic spam is inevitable. ^_____^v

The center stage with its humungous screen.

A look at the entrance

View from the top (I told you there were so many people!)

I arrived around lunch time and the event was crowded like popcorns in a glass box already! Booming background music from Granado Espada was setting the mood for gamers of all ages and developers. The main host for this event, Game! Magazine is selling their November/December 2007 issue like pancakes since it's the entrance requirement to POGS. :D

Cool enough, the IP E-games booth is set near the entrance so it's one stop for freebies you can't miss! E-games offers free posters and installers upon registration and there were other merchandise for sale too. (Yay! I got me the newest Granado Espada poster! But darn, i forgot to ask for the Bahadia patch CD. >_<")

E-games Booth

The event had tons of raffles, live contests, F2P, iRL quests, PvP's, concerts, cosplays and friends to meet that was definately worth the time, sweat and exhaustion felt.

Hey, hey, hey! There are kids watching! >_<"

The Reclusion brothers at the PvP event

*Ugug!* Gian is hit by a monster!
"Baaah i kill u aaaalll! -Geroro "T" is that you?!? >:)

PH CM Veay being interviewed by the event host

I was glad to know our first FFA winning entry "Relapse" was played at the big screen and was viewed by all those present. (Too bad I didn't get to see their reactions though, I left the event early. >_<") Together with it where the FFA winning entries movies also such as Reclusion/Behringer/Fiksdotter's "Lonely Hearts II" and Reclusion/Behringer/Ninemoon's "Not Another Love Story"

Here are some pic spams of real-life friends (and new found ones!) who attended the event:

The gamer/blogger girls: Ninemoons, DeSanggria and meeh!

The GE players (sorry PJ & Anne! It looks like your the only one NOT from Carracci! :p)

Group pic # 8,291= From the right: Device, Reclusion (Darrick hiding in hood), Fiksdotter, others (lol), deSanggria, Blacksword, Ninemoons and Mena.

Game! Assistant Editor Diane Reyes (woot!), Me again.. >_<", Reclsuion (Nate) over at the back and Audi CA Alex Crosse (uh-oh! :P)

After much poses and repeated "excuse me's" ('coz the place was so crowded i tell you!), overall, the event was one celebration no gamer should miss!

'till next POGS! ^^v

*Special thanks to Ninemoons for sharing with me some of her pics from the day's event! ^_^


FFA Seagate 'Scene & Heard' week: winners Announced!

For the record, i wanted the GE skinned Seagate external HDD. But due to some issues and delays, our group wasn't able to make our movie and time, thus, all i can do is sourgrape and tell myself it wasn't meant for me. *LOL*

Okay so back to business, here are the OUTSTANDING winners for this week's Fantazzztic Film Awards:

1st Place: (Of course, they get the skinned HDD and their vid is an entry to the Grand Finals~)

Winner: Team ID GE10034
Server: Carracci
Team Leader: Behringer
Teammate #1: Fiksdotter
Teammate #2: Reclusion

Video Link: http://profile.imeem.com/03jbvt/video/SigUb4U6/elite_le_blanc_lonely_hearts_club_ii_movies_video/

2nd Place: (I'm not sure what their prize is, sorry. >_<")
Runner Up: Team ID GE10029
Server: Cervantes
Team Leader: Zaleski
Teammate #1: Corinthias
Teammate #2: Cerex

Video Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cy89-_ygy28

And due to another great film produced by team Reclusion together with blogger Ninemoons, they receive a special prize called the "Dark Horse Award" for their "film that really stood out to us because of its creative storyline, humor and lovely coordination. Its fresh perspective on why royalists and republicans were opposing sides truly amused us - not to mention it has a great soundtrack as well!" -[Quoted from Hrin]

Team ID: GE10035
Server: Carracci and Cervantes
Team Leader: Behringer (Carracci )
Team Member #1: NineMoons (Cervantes)
Team Leader #2: Reclusion (Carracci)

Video Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IdvT3JNRyMU

The efforts of other entries wasn't in vain, for they also receive a consolation prize of 30k GP for each player!

Team ID: GE10030
Server: Pachelbel
Team Leader: Han siang
Team Member #1 Family Name: Jennifer
Team Member #2 Family Name: Wai Khang

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6hq4uqpSeo

Team ID: GE10003
Server: Carracci
Team Leader(family name): Tokoyoshi
T eammate #1: devilz
Teammate #2: PCB

Video Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nhYQWHRQsFg

Team ID: GE10032
Server: Cervantes
Team Leader: Fetuccini
Team Member #1: Familier
Team Member #2: Mortreux

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anXSc3KKQaM

Team ID: GE10033
Server: Carracci
Team Leader: Exebolt
Team Member #1: donnpogz
Team Member #2: EightOcnarf

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUbOXBJkjVw

Team ID: GE10027
Server: Pachelbel
Team Leader: Xilx
Team Member #2: Althex
Team Member #3: Piezx

Video Link: http://www.stage6.com/user/silent88/...9;m-not-worthy

Team ID: GE10005
Server: Pachelbel
Team Leader: CagedBird
Team Member #1: shenhan
Team Member #2: Froztitanz

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tMct6m5z0g

Team ID: GE10037
Server: Cervantes
Team Leader: Weisswritter
Team Member #1: Laxamune Team Member #2: Adriano

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UQERDzNVEU

This time around, there has been a lot of creative players who dared to show the community their work. I hope the coming submissions would be as intense (and i hope we submit ours too! XD), but the best factor everybody should remember is that even though this maybe a competition, let's be a sport and have fun 'coz we're doing this for the love of game (...and prizes! :D)

Congratulations and special mention to my iRL friends Reclusion Family for sweeping such awesome prizes these week! (Balato naman dyan lols~! ^o^) Lucky, Lucky, Luckkkyy~!

FFA Entries: Miscrosoft Vista 'Scene & Heard' week winners

I 'LOLED' at myself for not remembering to post this!

Here are the winners for the first submission for the
Fantazzztic Film Awards (FFA) Microsoft Vista 'Scene & Heard' week.

'Twas the start of everybody's eagerness to submit their own creation and for the first week, only five had submitted (Including my team's DEBUT entry! XD) The winners where decided after almost 2 weeks of waiting. The result was a bit 'imbalanced'.

(To view the direct link to the winners announcement: Click Here)

1st place: (Receiving a set of Microsoft Vista each and their movie is one of the FFA Grand Finale finalist entries)

Team ID GE10003
Server: Carracci
Team Leader: Tokoyoshi

Teammate #1: devilz

Teammate #2: PCB

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cFts480d2Q

2nd place: (Bags a Microsoft Office 2007 each and their movie is also one of the FFA Grand Finale finalist entries)

Team ID: 100019
Server/World: Carracci
Team Member #1 Family Name: Sigrid / Joan
Team Member #2 Family Name: Kincaid / Arvin
Team Member #3 Family Name: deEspania / Mark

(Here's our video that I've been promoting since then.. Hope you like it! ^^v)


Part 1:

Part 2:

Consolation Prizes: 'Early Bird' Award were also given by IP E-games (woot generous!) and
the following teams will each receive 90k G-points! (30k G-points for each team member)

Team ID GE100027

Server: Pachelbel
Team Leader: Xilx
Teammate #1: Althez

Teammate #2: Piezx

Video Link: http://www.stage6.com/user/silent88/video/1972423/

Team ID GE100028

Server: Carracci
Team Leader: milkshake
Teammate #1: Senkado

Teammate #2: alpha

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHvnATjfLj0

Team ID: GE10005
Server/World: Pachelbel
Team Leader Family Name/Nickname: CagedBird
Team Member #1 Family Name/Nickname: Shenhan
Team Member #2 Family Name/Nickname: Froztitanz

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWG_qVxTtck

*Author's Personal Note:
As i was saying earlier, although I did like team Tokoyoshi's Video "Chobits' Codename: Catherine", i very much would want to express my deepest opinion that the judging of IAH for the different submission weeks are somehow mixed up because there's a big difference between doing a 'spoof' and a 'drama/love story/tragic movie'.

There may be elements that were put into consideration (like story, video quality, etc.) but still, I THINK to be able to classify and actually 'see' the best video is to have a category on the videos for the future FFA submission weeks. (e.g. "Bloopers vs. bloopers, you get the point. ~_~") but then again, i think this would be impossible now since as i currently write this article, the winners for the 2nd submission week has already been decided upon. I just hope in future competitions like this, everything is ironed out entirely. ^^,

And so without further ado, Congratulations everyone and Let's go and make more entries!!! ^_______^v


Intel Film-Making Awards...winners revealed!

Last December 16, 2007, Intel Machinimasia has collaborated with IP E-games and Granado Espada to bring its players a fun and exciting seminar on Video Making!

It was a seminar fully booked with players who got to know the start of "Machinimasia" (Machine + Animation + Cinema) and eventually led to the pre-announced on-the-spot video making contest.

Of the many participants and videos Intel and E-games personnel have watch, 6 videos were chosen. They were posted in the forum and were polled on who is Granado Espada's Community Choice
(Click here for the summary of poll) and out of that, the winners were finally concluded:

1st Place: (Gets to choose between: A pair of Rudy Project's Sunglasses or School Look Premium Package of his Choice and Lucifer Wings 30D or 3 pairs of Divine Angel Wings)

2nd Place:
(Gets to choose between: Chrysalis Package or Ivory Bag Package and Choice of Lucifer Wings 30D or 3 pairs of Divine Angel Wings)

Sigrid's Video:

3rd Place:
(Gets to choose between: Your Choice of Chrysalis Package or Ivory Bag Package and gets 1 pair of Divine Angel Wings)

(Woot! What a coincidence! We're all from Carracci server, Reclusion was my previous faction mate and Reimaru is my current faction mate. ^^v)

Consolation prizes:
(Each get a pair of divine angel wings)


* (Voting ended January 08, 2008 11:59pm)
Here's the direct link to the announcement in the GE forums:
Click here

The Overall Champions were also announced, and here are the lucky winners:

1st Place: (Prizes: Intel Core 2 Quad PC, Granado Espada Limited Edition Box, Your Choice of Chrysalis Package or Ivory Bag Package / Your Choice of Lucifer Wings 30D or 3 pairs of Divine Angel Wings)

Bunny Pasig

2nd Place: (Prizes: iPod Touch, Granado Espada Limited Edition Box, Choice of Chrysalis Package or Ivory Bag Package / 1 pair of Divine Angel Wings)

Darrickson Regondola

3rd Place: (Prizes: P5000 gift check worth of Intel products, Granado Espada Limited Edition Box, Bear Package )

Riasa Aguilar

Intel's Choice: (Prize: P10,000 gift check worth of Intel products)

Philip Bengson

Visit CM Veya's Blog for more details. :)

Congratulations everyone! We're all winners! ^_~